Usually I don’t make a big deal of my birthday. I hate to say it but the old me used to be so negative. I told how it was smack in the middle of two major holidays so no one would pay attention to it, that it was cold out so I couldn’t do anything fun, that even though I spend tons of money on birthday trips for my friends, I don’t expect the favor to be returned… Worst of all, to me my birthday used to be a huge reminder of all that I hadn’t accomplished in the previous 364 days. See… Negative! 

This year however, I felt so proud of myself. This past year of my life, I quit my job, faced some fears, found a studio to work out of, made new friends, had final conversations, took a few L’s , gained a bunch of new customers, built a few systems, made a few boundaries, and finally prioritized my happiness! This past year wasn’t easy in the slightest and to some it may not have even been eventful, but to me it was life changing. So yes, I decided to celebrate myself! 

A simple dinner with some of the influential friends in my life was more than enough  but I must say that this photoshoot added the razzle-dazzle I needed!

Photos taken by my new photog bestie Lauren of Macon Photography
Edited by Me.