Before deciding to take the leap and become a full time Photographer and content creator, I was helping to teach women who to start and grow their businesses!

I’m not at all saying this to flex thought. Let me explain..

The short, coming-to-age story of MadeHerselfABoss is that back at the end of 2017, I was contacted by a woman named Shi, through Instagram to speak at an upcoming event she was having. I was, and still am, heavy on the celebration of “ambitious girls” and had even started a small networking website called FabAmbitious which was created to connect women wanting to start something of their own.

I nervously did a presentation at the event, and though it was my first time publicly speaking about that type of thing right in front of an audience, she thought I did pretty good. Thank God!

Me wanting to break out of being a shy person, I reached out to Shi afterward asking if we could collaborate on something. She had formed her own group for in-person events such as the one I spoke at, and my lane was more so online stuff, but I thought we could collaborate on something!

She agrees and we meet up at Del Pez ( my favorite Mexican spot) and we pull our notebooks. At first, we wanted to plan a simple business start-up workshop but as the planning went on, it turned into a full-blown conference. We have the first MadeHerselfABoss Conference at the start of 2018, featuring other experts and even flying some people into town just to teach other ladies (including us at the time) how to start and grow their businesses.

Fast forward to today, our conference has grown and so has our business knowledge and community! We took what we learned and passed it on by way of more yearly conferences, workshops in-person and online, as well as a few networking get-togethers here and there. The best part is that today, we can honestly say that we’ve gained enough business knowledge to teach this year’s conference attendees on our own, how to start and grow their dream businesses and become the bosses that they want to be!

I was able to quit my job and do what I love full time using the same exact tools and methods that we teach to our community!

This conference is unlike anyone we’ve done before,
not only because Shi and I are presenting ourselves, but because this year is all about implementation!

This year, when you come to the MadeHerselfABoss Conference REMIX, not only do you learn, but you apply!
As we go through each section of mindset, branding, marketing, sales, and more, you will also be building your own customized business plan to catapult you into either getting your first sales, or more consistent sales in your business!

Though the conference is happening this April 23rd, you’ll want to hop on the waitlist right now in order to grab the SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets when they become available in a matter of days.

If you are reading this and you have had trouble either starting or growing your business because you are stuck or not even sure where to start, this is your sign to finally come up with a plan that works while joining a community that legitimately wants to see you win!